Historical Notes


Grandpa Lilian und Bastian

MELA family was among the first to build in Val Zemola and their dairy is the first in the valley, as evidenced by a map of the Napoleonic from 1810.

Another document that allows us to confirm its existence is the historic plaque (photo 1) witnessing the death of Giacomo Corona born on September 22, 1727 and died June 2, 1802 fell on the road that leads to Val Zemola.

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In the autumn of 1944 the Casera becomes a refuge for partisans and was later burned by the Germans.Will then be rebuilt by Giacomo Corona and his brother Giuliano in 1946, as evidenced by an engraving of a former stone barn.

In 1963, he serves as base camp for the construction of the shelter Maniago (photo 2) where he was admitted Alpini and their mules,carrying material in the forest Bothia. Even my grandpa Giuliano "Lilan" was in the group of voluntary and squared logs (photo on the right).

Since 1995 Corona Felice with his sons David and Sebastian during their free time they began a long process of renovation and expansion.

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